Anyone seen!

Guys im a member of and let me tell you some of these people here are so dumb! They cant even spell Qantas!! anyways im gonna say you will never measure up to All are invited to check out the ultimate airliners website.

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If you don't like this forum go elsewhere. No one here is dumb: everyone is intersted in aviation and our hobby is also all about LEARNING about aircraft. I see people like you at airshows and airports all over the country; too wrapped up in your own smugness to be able to take in anyone else's point of view. Apologies for flaming to the rest of the regulars here, but it has to be said....


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Hey Bud, why dont u just stick to

RE: Anyone seen!

Seen it`s okay but.............this forum is better!!!!
And I am sure that everyone agrees with me!!!!
I`m here for not so long now,but I really enjoy it here!

RE: Anyone seen! is full of ill informed individuals who have some very bizarre views. I'm sure most people use it so they can argue with each other. I spent an hour or two looking at it one evening and was appalled by some of the things posted on there. The Airliner World forum is for people who enjoy aviation and enjoy discussing their views. I intend to stick with this forum thanks.

RE: Anyone seen!

Have you ever considered a frontal labotomy LOT767-300ER??? I'm surprised you found this site, I'm sure you thought was the only one in existance, judging by your rather arrogant views.

I apologise to everybody else who is reading this. I don't like laying into people, but you should have seen what this guy submitted onto his forum about us....So somebody spelt Qantas wrong, big deal! Are you a master speller or something.

You are a complete tit.

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Spelling things wrong is not so bad, there are people here who come from non-english speaking countrys,
and I am one of them, I come from Holland.
So it is a logical thing that people make some mistakes!!!!
I hope the regular visitors of this site can live with it, and anyone who`s not able to deal with minor mistakes...
check out another site please!!!!!


RE: Anyone seen!

Oh by the way mr LOT blahblahblah,
you knew what the person was meaning with the wrong word............. so it isn`t a big deal is it?????

RE: Anyone seen!

It´s OK. But there´s something better here and that´s tolerence. The other web mentioned is orientated to the american public and this is much more ballanced. I just went once and I most of the times there were too frecuent insults to Airbus and praises to
Boieng. I am not anti-american, and don´t have anything against Boeing. They build nice planes and have dominated the market for many years, but it´s about time to be more generous and reconigze that we over here build good planes too and its time to share success with our Airbus. This comment was not accepted in airliners-net and that´s why I came over here and I am really pleased with everybody. Should anyone is not happy, he/she is free to leave.