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I am after any information in relation to this airline. I also am after any information in relation to any information in relation to any Boeing 727 websites/airlines still using this type in passenger service

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Unfortunately Iberia still uses B727 in many domestic services
and international flights like Madrid Dublin and Madrid Athens and I think a couple of them more. Here in SCQ it was a frecuent visitor serving Madrid, Barcelona. In any case they are being
phase out and replaced by B757, A320 and A321. Only a few are still in service.

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Sabre airways started life in 1994 with two Boeing 737-200 series aircraft. The airline took over the commitments of defunct Ambassador Airways to the seat broker Goldcrest. Sabre currently fly from most major UK airports to various holiday resorts around Europe. The Boeing 737-200 machines have now been replaced by the new 737-800. I'm not sure at the moment if the 727's are still used, but they did have three in use in 1999, although one of these aircraft was leased to other operators. The head office of the airline is in Crawley, West Sussex. Hope this info helps.