CDG or Orly - which is best?

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I shall soon be taking a trip to Paris. Does anyone know which Paris airport is best for viewing and photography (and also shooting video)? Also, what is Le Bourget used for, is it a domestic airport?

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RE: CDG or Orly - which is best?

I am not an expert on the Paris airfields but I have been to all three. Le Bourget I only visited for the biannual show. I believe it is most used for business jets and maybe some cargo (although I'm not sure about this. I don't know if there are any regular flights to Le Bourget but if there are it won't be many. But its defenetely worth a visit because of the Museum there. Great stuff they have.
Orly is Paris's second airfield and if you are into AOM, Air Liberté and these kind of carriers, this is the place to be. Also some Air France aircraft are based there. For te rest you can see carriers of several origins. And sometimes some really cool stuff. When I flew there last time there was an Il-62 on the tarmac!!! I don't know if there is a good spot where to take photographs from.
Paris CDG is of course number one. Be careful it is huge and if you want to see some of the action you have to travel between the different terminals which are far apart. But not to worry there are lots of buses commuting between the different terminals and they are free of charge. I don't know the best spot but one that I can recommend (I used it myself back in 1997) is the intercontinental terminal. I can't remember the number but it is the satelite one that is miles away from the new terminals. At the time there were carriers like Singapore, EVA, TWA, ... using this terminal. When I was there, airplanes came taxiing by so close that I hardly could get the 747s on one picture (with a 35 mm!!!). You can also see one of the runways from there. Although you need a very big zoom to make something of it. What is good is that the structure is in open air (you just stand next to the road) and you are somewhat sheltered by the rain. You shouldn't have many difficulties of finding it since when I was there about 20 others were taking pictures from the very same spot.
That's about all I can tell you. Hope it is of some help to you.