Como seaplane base, Italy - Air Tour of the Six Lakes

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The Lake of Como in Italy (aka "the place where Clooney has one of his houses") hosts one of the oldest seaplane clubs in Europe, Aero Club Como. Since 2014, this club hosts every year an air rally for seaplanes only, the Giro Aereo dei Sei Laghi (Air Tour of the Six Lakes). Here are some photos from the 2016 edition.

This 1935-built float-equipped Caproni Ca.100 "Caproncino" ("little Caproni", as it was nicknamed by its pilots) is the oldest original airworthy seaplane in the world.

Cessna 305 Bird Dog

Piper PA-18 Super Cub

Lake 270 Renegade

Cessna 206

Cessna 172s

Cessna 305 without floats and engine hung on the hangar roof

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