Brirish Airways BOAC retrojet G-BYGC various Heathrow dates

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I had been going to Heahrow airport on varoius days between March 2019 and June 2019.

I am certainly looking forward to seeing this beautiful aircrft again at RIAT.


Martin Eames

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This is a great retro colour scheme. Aer Lingus have also been flying their Retro A320 into LAP, oppps sorry Heathrow, brings back great memories, thanks for the excellent photography.

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All of the retro Jets was the best thing BA have don't for a long time I liked the Dove back in the day shame to see that leave. You've got some stunning shots buddy 

Ive uploaded mine to I've managed to see them all of that I'm glad, as I'm based in Leeds this required some good planning to travel and capture them before they left the fleet for good just like the Doves. I also have a few different angle's like yourself but I really love the banking shots.

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They are great photographs. The 747 400 will always be a beautiful aircraft whatever livery she is painted in. It's such a shame that the COVID pandemic is accelerating retirement of many quad-jet aeroplanes...