EHAM YEAR 2009 MEGATOPIC Part 3 (20 pics)

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KLM cockpit on a Boeing 737-800.

Later this month Daan and I decided that we were going to give Heathrow a visit, it was a trip with a large price-card for only 4 days but trust me we don’t regret it. First up are some shots from our hotel room from the 3rd floor of the 4**** hotel. Note these shots are edited to get the double yellow tinted window glow out of the way.

First up, Icelandair Boeing 757-200.

The reason why we visited was simple, we wanted to see some different airlines and aircraft(we succeeded). Also we caught all the A380 operators at that time.


Our hotel location, very very very close to the runway.

When the active landing runway was 27R we had a great view. We set-up some chairs in front of the window and grabbed a drink.
Coming in 2010 to Schiphol, can’t wait!!

American Airlines with in this case a Boeing 777-200. This carrier has about 30 movements a day!

A very TAM aircraft ;-).

The beast lining up!


Retro time on this Austrian Airbus A320.

South African, Airbus A340-600 with a late departure to the far south.

Another airlines you don’t see at Schiphol. ANA, All Nippon Airways Boeing 777-300ER in special Star Alliance livery.

Never saw it rain so hard! Qantas having a hard time. She was one of the lucky aircraft to land, arrival holdings were full with aircraft and start-up delays up the 55 aircraft!

Heavy equipment for a rather short flight to Israel.

Airbus A380 of Singapore Airlines.

It keeps getting better and better.

South African Airways had about 3 flights arriving in the early morning and departing in the late afternoon.

Air Mauritius, Airbus A340-300.

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Great selection,i had a visit to the renaissance hotel,i could slide the inner window open so only one pane of glass to combat,its a fantastic spot!

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Great shots once again

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Really great shots! Shooting from where you were can sometimes be a pain because the sun is behind, resulting in a lot of backlit shots, but you seem to have done a good job! :)

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Great Shots - I almost felt as if I was sitting there watching the action with you. I remember this Hotel used to put adverts in some avaition mags a few years back for a spotters stay and you got a certificate at the end of your stay! Out of interest where is the land in picture 41? Is it Teneriffe?
Thanks again for sharing the pics

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Yes it's Tenerife, really great approach over there! When the weather is clear you have a great overview over the mountains. Under the winglet you can see the volcano ''El Teide'' actually the highest point of spain with around 3.700 metres I thought when walking the tour.