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Well after visiting Frankfurt 2 weeks previous I now was lucky enough to be going to Munich again with "free" tickets !!
Arrived at a busy EDI early in the morning and again got the bag checked through to Munich, security was again a breeze, dunno what its like when its "real" busy but it seems that it is a smooth operation now, as you leave the security area the lovely aroma of coffee and fresh cooking hits you, just wish I was hungry, anyway took a wee trundle along to the Bar, and had a pint of the "Black Stuff", noticed this and decided to take a pic

Departure lounge area is just sooooooooo good, not much happening on the full aprons, Monarch 757 arrived and TNT 146, photographed the Monarch, didnae see the 146 untill it was too late :(

Good number of flights for a Saturday morning

Well, my flight to LHR was as follows
Airbus A320

Aircraft was ok inside, flight wasnt full but wasn't a kick in the **** off it, we took off on rw 06


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Flight down south was un-eventful, and we landed at a rather misty Heathrow almost bang on time, took some photos from the Gate 8 area, superb location when its not misty, and after a while decided it was time to go and board the Lufthansa flight to MUC, was a delay on this flight, about 30 mins, no big hassle as I just love Heathow, the hustle and bustle and all those planes!!

Flight to Munich
Airbus A321


D-AISI being loaded with Warsteiner for my flight ;)
Got boarded , and like my previous Lufty flight the a/c was immaculate inside, short delay before take off at a busy LHR, and once airborne settled down for the 1 hour 15 min flight, pretty cloudy on most of the journey

Bit of infamous BAA botch and patching goin on at T2 me thinks :D

Landed at MUC and needles to say my bag was the bloody last one to come off the carousel :(
This trip didnt have as much aircraft photography as the previous to FRA but still my very understanding "other half" tolerated and let me indulge in some photo taking, some photos of the trip are on my "Munich Photos" page here

some here

and some here


Munich airport is just the biz, big and spacious, brilliant transport links and its well geared up for the Spotters and photographers, anyway train journey took about 45 mins, and the hotel was about 3 mins from Munich Main Train Station, had a braw time, drank tooooo much beer as like previous visits but seeing the weather want too good we had to shelter.

All good things come to an end, so train back to the airport, used the Lufty Self Service check-In thingies and dropped the bag off, took longer to type this report than it did checking in, had an hour at the Viewing Deck, 1 Euro to get in, a bit sheltered and photos are through glass, MUC security was quick and easy, T2 is the Lufty and STAR Alliance terminal, there is of course lots of shopping but the price of food and drinks after security was well expensive, bottle of Diet Coke that sells for about a quid at home was 4.90 euros, bit of German sausage on a roll was about 7 Euros. Had to get a bus from the boarding gate to the aircraft, flight left just about on time.
Airbus A320

Taxied out and took off, here a video of the take off.


Flight wasnt full about 90 percent, again uneventful, got a wee snack and beer, landed at LHR on time, took a viseo of the landing but havent uploaded it yet ,had a wee while at T1 Gate 8 area, so took a few pics of stuff landing straight in front of me, flight up to Scotland was as follows

Airbus A319

flight was nearly full, the A319's are lovely aircraft inside, and bmi's are also relatively new. here's an upload of the take off with a good view of T5 and also 2 Qantas A380's, still havent photographed these big beasts in Qantas colours despite having seen a lot of them :)

Take off from LHR

Uneventful flight the ended with a landing on RW06, so videod that as well !!!
Will never fly bmi again so it had to be done!!

Approach and landing at EDI

All in all a good trip, bmi? Cannae fault tham, Lufty? Will try and use if possible.
Munich? My favourite German city, would be good to see Lufty do a daily flight, certainly the destinations from MUC is very impressive although we have more EZY and RYR than them :lol:

If ypur planning a trip to MUC for aircraft photography give me a sout, I know a few good places now, met up with 2 locals, the Besucher Park (Viewing Park) is good, T2 viewing area is ok, but there are better places, hope this wee article was of intrest to you and ta for reading!! :mrgreen:

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Very nice Robert. I particularly liked the video of the landing and didn't realise there were so many on Youtube. I was up a couple of weeks back on Flybe on the same approach and it was a foul dark night I literally could not make out were we were until we were down. Everything on the ground looked so unfamiliar (what little I could see) that I thought we had come in on the old runway.