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Just completed a business trip to Holland and thought I would post a trip report: Flight 1: LHR-AMS KLM B737-406 PH-BPB Dep 1745 Arr 1930 First KLM a/c I've flown on in the new col. scheme. Whilst at Terminal 4, I visited the "Holideck" lounge. This is split on 3 levels(main/upper/flight deck). the top deck is a glass structure just like a control tower on the terminal roof. It has great views of the adjacent stands, across the airfield and especially the landing a/c on r/w27L. Unfortunately, I didn't take my binoculars but saw some interesting a/c: new TAP A321, RAM A321.. As we taxied out, we held waiting to cross 27L; saw an Olympic A340 land right in front of us. Uneventful flight to Schiphol; landed in low cloud/rain. During taxi to terminal, I saw the following: Air Astana B757, LOT ERJ170(star alliance cols) & new Kenya a/w B777. Flight 2: AMS-HUY KLMC F70 PH-WXC Dep 1010 Arr 0950 Schiphol very busy this morning; saw the following: Sultan Reizen A300(still in JAS cols) and Fly Air A300. Flight again full, nothing too interesting on arrival at HUY.(Just missed 2 Pegasus B737-800s) Both landing and take-off at Schiphol used the new Polderbaan runway. It took 15-20mins to taxi between the stands and runway!
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V. Intreesting, I am off to AMS in August, mucho looking forward to it!