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I have just managed to find my other flight report on the Boeing 757-300 series!! MAN-ALC-JMC750K- 12/10/02 Aircraft: G-JMAB Scheduled Time of Departure: 09:15 Actual Time of Departure: 09:37 Scheduled Time of Arrival: 13:00 Actual Time of Arrival: 12:47 This was my first trip to Spain and my first trip on board JMC. So, it was an early start for my family and I to get to MAN for 07:15 to check in. We left the house at 05:50 to get out on to the motorway and there for 07:00. So we arrived at MAN just after 07:00 and checked in. We went through security and went through to the departure lounge. We were called for boarding at 09:00, about 15 minutes behind schedule. We settled down into our seats in row 18, with me having the window seat!! We were introduced to our captain and the rest of the cabin crew, with the captain adding that we were on one of two 757-300s in the UK!! The safety video was shown as we raced G-DPSP to the runway and won!!! We commenced a rolling take-off along 24L and soon enough, we were in the air!! We turned right towards Liverpool and then down towards Southampton. By the time we reached Southampton, the crew had come round with a bar service and headsets. Over Paris, we got the meal of Bangers & Mash which was very nice. Duty free came round and I got a JMC A330-200 from the trolley!! We could see the Pyrenees slowly approaching on our right hand side. Over the Pyrenees we went and down towards Valencia. From here, we turned inland, before commencing a VERY steep descent about 10 minutes prior to our arrival into Alicante. We were soon on short finals into Alicante, arriving with a bump onto runway 10. We applied full reverse thrust, which as a lover of reverse thrust, I enjoyed :D . We took the end exit off the runway and back towards the terminal. We passed a few Iberias and Air Europas, and a couple of British charters. We parked up by the tower, followed in by G-DPSP from Manchester. We disembarked via steps and into the terminal!! ALC-MAN -JMC750L- 19/10/02 Aircraft: G-JMAB Scheduled Time of Departure: 14:05 Actual Time of Deparure: 13:56 Scheduled Time of Arrival: 15:50 Actual Time of Arrival: 15:32 This was our return to the UK after a week's holiday in Torrevieja. So, we packed at our villa and left for the airport at 11:00. We passed along the main road and turned off just after the airport and dropped off our hire car at the car hire centre. We then proceeded into the heaving check-in hall, with all desks in use. We found our desk and about 10 minutes after joining the queue, we were at the front. We got our tickets and up to security on the first floor. With Saturday being British day at Alicante, it was heaving with UK tourists coming home. We all got through security safely and found seats by the window, almost immediately seeing our aircraft land over half an hour early!! We went to Burger King to get food before our flight home. It soon was time to head off to the conviently located gate 6 which was next door to where we were sitiing!! We gave our tickets to the ground staff and headed off down to the bus, which would take us to the aircraft. We passed under all the airbridges before heading out to the aircraft. I checked the registration which was G-JMAB again and checked the DC10 registration which I presumed would be the Manchester flight, which was G-BYDA. We boarded and got to our seats quickly enough. I got the aisle seat this time!! We got introduced to the captain John Evans, who gave us the details of our flight back up to Manchester. We started up the engines as the safety video came on. We then heard a very funny noise which we all though was a problem with one of the engines. The captain said that it was in fact G-BYDA starting up!! We followed G-BYDA to the taxiway where it let us go in front, and we followed G-OBYG down to the runway. We lined up on runway 10 and waited for G-OBYG to get out the way!! All too soon, we lifted off the runway and turned left up towards Valencia and Barcelona. The crew came round with headsets and a bar service. We drifted over the Pyrenees as the meal came round, which I thought was a bit early, but they explained that due to strong tailwinds, we would be arriving about 20 minutes early into MAN. We passed over the English Channel and up through Wales, before commencing our descent convieniently over my house on the Wirral into MAN. The crew took their seats for landing and we went over all the houses on approach to 24R before drifting down onto Runway 24R and applied full reverse thrust which again, brought a smile to my face!! We turned off round abouts Concorde is now and we waved at all the people in the park. We heard a roar and saw G-BYDA arriving on 24R, we had again beaten the DC10!! We taxied round to Gate 28 and disembarked to end a great holiday and 2 great flights!! I have got 3 more flight reports from 2003 to come!!
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