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Flight No. Be 909 Aircraft:- BAe 146, G-JEBC Departure 1220 Arrival 1315 So it was now time to fly with flybe to Guernsey for the afternoon. I got to LGW by 9:45am with the train, and typically there was plenty of delays on the rails. I checked in straight away, i found where Germanwings usually checked-in then went thru security and up to the lagre bay windows i the South Term and i stayed there for an hour or so. Then my aircraft arrived which was G-JEBC BAe 146-200 and i went down to the Gate whn we boarded at 11:45am. I got seat 9F which was right near the engine and under the flap runner. We pushed back then taxied to 08R where there was about 6 other aircraft waiting to go, so we were static for about 20 mins, then we got our slot, took off, and took up more runway than i thought we would as the flight was full so must of been heavier than wehn i went to Jersey with them last year. So we went on the SID, right over Southampton, up to 18,000ft and started our decent to land on 27 at GCI. I never thought the flaps would be so loud!! We landed on schedule at 1315 and i saw my 1st glimpse of the new Terminal at GCI which is v nice! I spent the 3 hrs i had on a beach in glorious weather :D Flight No. BE918 Aircraft:- BAe 146-200 G-JEBC Departure 1800 Arrival 1840 So now it was time to fly back. I'd checked in for this flight back in LGW so i didn't have to be back at the airport by 1730. But i was there from 1600 onwards to catch the evening rush. Saw most of Aurginy's fleet, and the Skyways SAAB they have in lease. Then a BE 146 was about to depart to SOU weh suddenly it came back off he runway, then the aircraft had police surrounding it. After about 20mins, off came the pax, and then the restrained passenger came off and was pushed to the ground. Noboy knew wot was the cause, but i think he had a few too many drinks before departing. So my aircraft which was 'BC again arrived from LGW, we were called to go to the dparture lounge, which was very Cramped with the SOU,MAN, LGW and Alderney pax all waiting there. I couldn't wait to get ou of there!! For the return leg, i got seat 6F which gave me more of a view. We took off runway 27 in appauling weather, did the ORTAC SID, arrvie via thw WILLO STAR, and flew directly over the house i'm staying for the week :D We landed 10 mins early back at LGW, and my aircraft for Wednesday, the Germanwings landed straight after us. So all in all a very pleasent experience agin with flybe!
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