IOM-MEL trip part 1

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My wife and I had a long, long journey and only arrived back home yesterday evening. I don't want to post too much, but a few comments might be revealing for others considering the same routes we used:

Flew Isle of Man to Manchester with BA on a Dash 8-300. The flight was good, although we had trouble taking a wedding dress (we were going to Australia to get married there).

Due to good 'ol Aussie customs duties, sending the dress by courier was not an option. It had to come with us, but understandably, we didn't want to check it in, but take it as hand luggage. The airlines were fine with this, but airport security were a miserable bunch all round. Because we were on a busy Dash 8, the check in girl wasn't sure if there would be room in the cabin or if it needed to go in the hold. What she did was weigh it and tag it through to Manchester, then told us to take it was hand luggage. If the cabin crew decided there was no room for it, it would be pre-tagged to go in the hold.

The retard at security didn't believe me - she kept repeating the mantra "that has to go back to the check in desk" everty time I tried explaining it to her. In the end, I ignored her and pushed past her and placed it on the x-ray machine. I was seriously frustrated by her lack of cranial contents. The supervisor gave me a quizical look and I explained it; the supervisor was cool with it.

Anyway - airport security - 0/10. Flight itself - 10/10. The cabin crew were very sympathetic and the stewardess took care of the dress personally.

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part 2

We were flying on Emirates Manchester-Melbourne via Dubai. Originally, the flight was DXB-MEL non-stop on the A340-500. That's the main reason I booked Emirates, instead of SIA.

Unfortunately, Emirates cancelled our flight DXB-MEL and re-booked us on the next days flight. That was a 777-300 with a refuelling stop in SIN.

Anyway, all this involved having to have our tix revalidated at the Emirates ticket office at MAN. It also meant changing my connecting IOM-MAN flight with BA, as our trip now commenced on a Sunday rather than a Saturday. This resulted in a near 7 hour wait at MAN. I asked Emirates if, considering all the hassle they had caused by cancelling our flight, we could use their biz class lounge at MAN. I wasn't asking for an upgrade, just somewhere to sit away from the crowds. They said no, because there was no lounge at MAN.

Are they REALLY saying that their Biz class passengers have no lounge to use? I find that a bit hard to believe!

The actual MAN-DXB flight was an A330-200 and we enjoyed it. What can I say - olde worlde IFE, albeit no worse than BA. The 2-4-2 seating is very good. Meals top notch. Cabin crew courteous.

The DXB layover was an anti climax - too crowded. We had time for some shopping (in flight survival gear - evian, choccies and nurofen!) but there was a lack of ATM's to obtain cash.

DXB-MEL was unpleasant. I am not a fan of Emirates 777's. The layout was 3-4-3 which was too tight. There was no personal space at all. The flight seemed overlong, probably due to refuelling at SIN. Is it not possible to fly direct, even on a "classic" A340, A332 or 772ER?

Again, meals were good and cabin crew attentive. IFE was better than the A330, due to a larger screen.

Conclusion: would do it again only if DXB-MEL was non stop. Otherwise, it is SIA next time. Would never again use Emirates if a 777 was scheduled.

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The Emirates overhype continues........

Anyway, congrats on getting married!