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Outbound Airline: MyTravel airways Flight No: MYT943 From: Glasgow International - Terminal 2 To: Kos Departure Time: 21:50 (UK time) Arrival Time: 04:10 (Greek time) 02:10 (UK time) Total Flight Time: 3hours 56minets Checked-in at the new and quite a lot bigger then I imagined Terminal 2, check-in was very quite with all MyTravel flights checking-in at the same desks. After check-in we browsed the shops mostly the Celtic football store and then went for dinner at Garfunkles. We then preceded to international departures where I got my tax free goods etc and then took the very long walk to gate28 where our Boeing 757-200 G-MCEA was on stand ready to board. Flight departed Glasgow 20mins early and was a very smooth flight. Meal time came and I don’t even know what it was but it was disgusting looking and tasting. In-flight entertainment was just crap to say the least. We then started our decent into Kos. Just before touchdown the aircraft suddenly pulled up and then the pilot came on and said “as you have probably noticed we have not landed in Kos, this is due to a cloud sitting over the airport under our baseline? We will go around try again” so we made a second attempt at landing that also failed so we then circled the airport before diverting to Rhodes, landed in Rhodes about 15mins later and got refuelled, during this time we where not aloud to move around the aircraft and we had to sit with seat belts of and cabin craw came round with a water service. We finally left Rhodes 2hours later and flew over to Kos again about 15mins in the air. On arrival at Kos airport, we where the only aircraft in and we where met by busses to take us to the terminal. The terminal is just like all Greek tourist airports - a mess, one baggage reclaim belt, that only just works. We where then met by the rep and got on the coach to start our 2 week holiday.
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oh dear, two go-arounds not good
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Sounds like a very eventful flight! Thanks for the report :) I have ZTH airport to deal with next week, also with one baggage belt.
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Sounds very exciting stuff! :D An excellent report though, I have to say. I remember that in 1999, I flew with Monarch Airlines on an A300 from Puerto Plata (POP - Dom Rep) to London Gatwick. The flight operated via the country's captial city (Santo Domingo) and it took about 20-25 minutes in the air to get there. After touching down, the A300 taxiied to the terminal building and those that were already on the aircraft were forced to wait on board with not very much to do. We sat there for at least 90 minutes before taking the skies.