First trip report for a while from me - a weekend spotting in Munich

Departure day Friday 13 August
Lufthansa A320 D-AIPR
Flight No LH4765
Departure time 07:18am
Arrival time 09:55

I was up very early (03:30am) to drive the 55 miles to Heathrow and catch the first flight of the day to Munich. After parking the car and waiting for the courtesy bus I joined a long queue at the LH desks in Terminal 2.

After checking-in and collecting my boarding pass (seat 24F) I made my way through into departure area. The gate number came up very soon after (H15) so I made my way there and at least there was some view of the movements.

The aircraft was boarded about 15 minutes early and I was first on. After waiting for the rest of the passengers to board (a full flight) we pushed back and had a short taxi to 27L where we waited for a SAS 737 to depart. As we took off I was ableto take a couple of picture of the work at T5.

Our route took us close to Gatwick and again I was able to take a picture of the airport from altitude.

During the flight a snack was served. It consisted of a carton of OJ, 2 small sandwiches (1 ham & 1 cheese) and a fruit cereal bar. The usual drinks were available.

It was quite a turbulent flight with the seat belt sign remaining on for muct of the time.

All too soon we started the descent to Munich and passed on the downwind side before turning finals to r/w 26R where a smooth landing was made.
We taxied to the new Terminal 2 (Lufthansa & Star Alliance partners only) and after deplaning met a mate of mine who was there on business.

The rest of the day was spent on the 'beuscher park' which is at the end of runway 26R overlooking the Terminal 1 ramp. To get there from the Terminal take the S-bahn from the airport to the first stop (ticket cost 1.1 euro. Tip:look for the beuscher park under 'Flughafen beuscher & press the 'K' button) Cross over the m'way and it is a 5min walk from the station. This is an outside area so check the weather! There are 3 aircraft preserved here a DC3, Ju52 & L1049 Connie which you can go in.

There are airport tours available from this area (called rundfarht) and these cost 10 euro and last 90 minutes. All areas are visited including airside and is well worth it.

The Saturday was spent on the T2 terrace (2 euro entrance fee) mainly because the weather was poor - wet and windy. The view from here is ok but it is through glass so making photography tricky.

I was up early on the Sunday for the return flight to Heathrow on LH4752
D-AIQU A320.

We had actually been given an early slot time and pushed back about 20 minutes early. Took off on r/w 26R and the route took us over Brussels and Southend on the approach to Heathrow. Landed at 9.51 (local), some 20 minutes ahead of schedule and I was in my car hearding home by 10.25.

I will try and get some of the pictures taken on the Jetphoto site.
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Excellent report, paulc :)

Sounds like an airport to be added to my list of places to go. I'd love to take an airside tour.

Any chance of seeing your photographs?


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I will upload them onto Jetphotos in the next couple of weeks - I have a few window shots and some from both viewing areas, I just hope they get accepted!


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A tip for you,if you have a machine readable ticket you can use the automatic check in machine's which are located in terminal 2. This allow's you to select your seat,issue's baggage tag's the lot they are very good.
Lufthansa have them at most airport's and i use them all the time save's all that queueing.



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I only had an expedia number + was not 100% certain that I would be allowed to take both bags as cabin luggage