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On August 09th, with the family we went to see my sister-in law who live's in western Cyprus. We left home at 07:00 for the drive to LHR,as it was a Monday morning the traffic was heavy,after parking the car we made our way to terminal 2 for the check in area. Check in was fairly slow as there were some of TeamGB from the shooting team checking in,so this effectivly closed a check in desk. After check in we went through the security for a coffee & wait for out flight. Departure was set for 12:20 & as our connection in ATH was fairly tight i alway's keep a keen eye on the time. We boarded at 12:05 & i settled into my seat which was on the left forward of the wing by a window, as we waited an Aeroflot IL96(RA-96008) parked next to use, push back was slightly late at 12:45,but as they were useing 27L the taxi out was not going to be long. Flight detail's......OAL260 SX-BEL A300B4-605R(c/n 696) LHR..dep 12:55.....arr ATH 15:51. The flight was fairly good although the service is fairly basic,meal service & the drink's trolley once. Once clear of UK airspace east of Dover the weather improved vastly from the overcast condition's at LHR,our route took use over Brussel's,Frankfurt,Stuttgart,then down over Italy before entering Greek airspace. I had good veiw's of Liege & Frankfurt airport's on the way. We landed on the left hand runway(03L) so we had a 10 minute taxi to stand & less than 50 minute's for our connection,on stand at 16:00(18:00L),with a departure time of 16:45(18:45L)we were going to have be quick. Once of the plane it was time to find our gate for our LCA flight,fortunatley it was very close to origional gate,once through security it was straight onto the bus for the ride to the plane which was parked remotely. Flight detail's......OAL331 SX-BKE B737-484(c/n25417) ATH..dep 16:55(18:55L).....arr LCA 18:07(20:07L) Taxi out was very fast with departure from runway 21L,with a left turn after take-off climbing to FL320 for the short flight to LCA,service was much the same as the LHR service but this time with a light snack. After a very relaxing holiday we returned home on August 19th. Check in was completed without much fuss & after passing throught security it was a matter of waiting for departure. There is quite a lot of competition on the LCA-ATH route with 4 airline's completing(CYP-HCY-OAL & AEE), so it was interesting to see the Aegean RJ100 land before our plane as it was due out after our's,10 minute's latter our plane landed so it would be interesting to see how the turn round's would pan out. Transfer from terminal to plane at LCA is by bus,we left the terminal with plenty of time for an on time departure. After boarding & settling into our seat's it looked good for an on time departure....we actully left the stand early ahead of the Agean RJ100. Flight detail's.....OAL338 SX-BLC B737-3Q8(c/n 26303)..n/s white scheme LCA..dep 13:26(15:26L)...arr ATH 14:46(16:46L) Pretty uneventful flight cruising at FL330 with standard service,arrival at ATH was on 03L again, parking remotely with coach transfer to the terminal. Our connection was not as tight this time we had a couple of hour's to pass. The LHR service was due to depart at 19:15L so it was shopping for the family & i choose to find a place to watch the Departure's which consisted manily of OAL,AEE with a few Intenational's thrown in for good measure. As we were alredy checked in for the LHR service it was straight to the gate for departure. Flight detail's....OAL265 SX-BEL A300B4-605R(c/n 696) ATH..dep 17:35(19:35L)...arr LHR 21:11. We had been warned that there was some tubulent weather on route,which came about halfway through the flight,we climbed from our cruising ALT of FL340 to FL380 to get over the top of it. Arrival at LHR was preceded as ever by entering the hold at Biggen which put an extra 15 minutes on the flight time. The Greek people applauded after every landing which i find quite amusing!!!!. The Saint. Next flight's...Sept 8th EZY....LGW-TLS-LGW Sept 10th DLH....LHR-HAM-DUS Sept 11th DLH....DUS-LHR Oct 27th AUR....BOH-JEY Oct 31st AUR....JEY-BOH Nov 1st NWA....LGW-DTW-MIA Nov 8th NWA....MIA-MSP-LGW
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