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This week I travelled twice with Tarom on return flights between Vienna and Bucharest. My trip began with a Tyrolean Dash 8 from Krakow to Vienna. Very nice flight but with the usual bread and water catering. Plenty of leg room on this very nice turboprop,much better than the dreadfull ATR. On the next sector with Tarom,my expectations were very low because of low seat cost and things I have been told about the poor state of the Tarom fleet. Well,I have to say I was very impressed. On the outbound I flew on what appeared to be a brand new out of the box 737-700.Spot on time,excellent on board meal and wine selection and in economy. The landing had to be the best ever and I travel on 100 flights per year.You could not even feel the tyres kissing the runway The return on a 733 was almost exactly the same. Well done Tarom.I would reccomend you to anybody. In Bucharest,I noticed 4 old Rombac 1-11,s parked on the apron.I dont know what is going to happen to these does anyone else know? wawkrk
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