Gatwick to Oshkosh pt2

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Still raining. Spotted (pun intended) our next jalopy trundling into view. a nice shiny (still raining !) CRJ Reg No N8525B. TO time to appleton 19.35 local. TO run 32 secs....s'funny...the smaller they are the faster they go ! with quite impressive acceleration Whizzed upto cruise alt of 28K with turbulence most of the way. Got to cruise alt and turbulence finally got puffed out and stopped. Was given another in flight meal Cabin alt 1225 metres. 35 mins into flight we started back down with a smooth touchdown at 20.30 local (yet another time zone !) Couldnt take any piccies in flight cos it meant the guy sat next to window had to sit in an un-natural position. b*mm*r Seating was comfy. Only critisism was that the hostess / stewardess / trolley dolly had either a very faint voice or the internal PA system wasnt working co from half way back down the seats, no-one could heare the pre flight safety brief. Got out and it stopped raining ....YIPPEE
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Great photos

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Was given another in flight meal
Looks a huge meal there :diablo: Detailed report :cool: Sam :D
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Nice report. :)