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Booked flight only via the new easy to use website. GLA-TFS 757-200 G-FCLA in Thomas livery ( with old taped out at the rear) boarded gate 38 I think through jetway. Boarded in order rows 1-10, 30-40 etc after babies and disabled. Seated in rows 13 E( despite promised extra leg room seats ). Boarding commenced 40 mins prior to take-off time of 0810, and was still 5 mins late on pushback. 3 other flights going to TFS - FCA and GSM all within 10 mins of each other, with a MYT following slightly later. These aircraft all on the ground along with a Air Scotland 757 parked on one of the "remote" international stands on the domestic pier. On boarding through second door, cabin crew attentive and friendly. Michael Jackson playing , some might say rather inappropriately, in the background on Kidd Jensons Thomas Cook FM. Cabin neat and tidy. Light blue coloured fabric seats with grey seatbelts. Drop down LCD monitors displayed the cabin safety videos using what looked like Flight Simulator graphics. As usual sprightly takeoff from the 752 taking off from runway 23 in light snow. Up through the clouds where snow became heavier. Relatively smooth however. Headed south over east coast of Ireland and Dublin then out over the sea and directly south passing Madeira. Good commentary from Scottish sounding Captain, who pointed out the land marks. Offered TCX headphones for the entertainment, which was to consist of a relatively recent film "Taxi" and episodes of Friends.Little Britain available on one of the audio channels. Served Drinks then meal service. Morning departure so compulsory breakfast. Delicious and hot, but seemed to be missing bacon. Tax free goods and a further drinks service. Cabin crew polite and efficient throughout. I get annoyed by people in limited leg room aircraft reclining their seats. Announcements now being made to put seats upright during meal service which is a start. I also get annoyed by the same faces who repeatedly go to the toilets throughout the flight even from the minute the seatbelt signs go off. Charge them to use the toilets and theyd soon stop. It just causes mayhem in the aisles and is offputting having people queue beside you. Flight smooth thoughout, unusual approach direction due to winds into TFS. Some patchy cloud to pass through with Mount Teide on the right. Reasonably smooth touch down to 21dc temperatures. Bussed from remote stand. Usual Tuesday British charter day with lots of TCX, MON, FCA and BY. Few Hapag 738's.Long wait for luggage. All in all good flight. :) :cool:
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Great report BY - I agree with you about people reclining their seats - so annoying on a charter flight where you barely have enough room anyway, I always seem to be between the baby kicking the back of my seat and the person reclining in front! :)
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Great report by738. I also know how annoying it is to see the same old people going to the loo throughout the flight. When I went to Thailand back in Summer 2003, I remember seeing some people maybe five or six times during the flight. I, however, didn't move from my seat on this 11 hour flight until about 90 minutes before landing. :D
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Seat reclining is a pain, and potentially dangerous during meal times, I've only narrowly avoided having hot tea thrown over me due to someone thrusting their seat back. Grrr!

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Great report there