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March 27th. My first flight with Monarch and first from Luton. It was the only flight I could get out on a Sunday locally, and it was in the sale at £120. Made the trip up the snowy M25/M1 getting to the long term carpark at 5:30 for the 8:00 flight, checking out the biz jets first of course. Luckerly check in was all ready open, it was breif, if not exactly friendly. Supprised that although checkin was in the newish area airside was in the old, rather shabby terminal. After a delay due to deicing we were bussed out to 1985 vintage 757 G-MONE parked infront of the MON hangar. This pleased me as I had not flown the type before. It didn't show its age inside so mush have been refitted a couple of years ago. I had seat 6A and the flight was almost full, mainly with pensioners! We departed from 26 at 0819 flying out over Aylesbury,Newbury and Southampton in patchy cloud climbing to around 35000. There were not many takers for the food service as most, like me, eat at the airport. It still had the old drop down tv's the the cabin plus about 8 audio channels. It was a nice smooth flight and after a approach along the east coast of the island we landed on 26 at 1217. Parked remotely and me feverishly logging those on the ground. Nice terminal with no passport control :eek: ! My bag took ages as I had checked in early and must had been first on. After sorting the hire car it was off to the permiter for 7 days of spotting and partying!!! :D Return Sunday 6th. Arrived at the airport around 10 for the 1310 flight back. Checkin deserted so spotted from the outside terrace at the side of the terminal. Returning at 11 there was a long que and no staff. They pitched up at 11:15 going by the rule that they don't open until 2 hours before departure, and what a miserable bunch! Then straight through a tough security check, and 2 passport checks! They obviously only care who is leaving, not arriving!The departure area is glass fronted and everything can be seen. The flight in was early due to tail winds so we had no delays, again parked remotely and bused out. And guess what, yes it was MONE again! Had seat 11a this time just behind the door. Airbourne from 08 at 1242, well early. Had some great views of mount Tiede's snow caped peak on departure. This time they did a roaring trade on the meals as it was lunchtime. I had orange juice, tomato and cheese pasta, and fresh fruit salad for £5 and it was fine. It was like a creche this time and thank god for personal CD's as I would have murdered the kid behind me otherwise!! We had 150mph headwinds and it was cloud all the way in. Due to this we arrived 20 mins late at 1751. It was 2oC outside, 19oC colder than TFS!! Parked on the same stand, and froze as we got off. Took ages to get the bags as the carousel kept stopping! Eventually after the M25 was delt with I got back to farnborough just after 8. Check out the thread on the main board for photos
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Excellent report :)

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Great report there