Leeming visit emergency

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Visited Leeming yesterday (Thursday 12th May 2005) however not everything went according to plan for the residents. At around 1351 Tornado F3's Savage 1,2 and 4 got airbourne enroute to meet a tanker in the air. Savage 3 took off slightly behind the other two due to a 'computer snag' and therefore having to play catchup. However not long after takeoff Savage 2 contacted Leeming tower with an emergency call. He stated that one of his slats had detached itself. Savage 4 stayed with him as they went overhead Tesside as Savage 2 dumped some fuel. Finally savage 2 could be seen on finals being accompanied by savage 4 on his wing. It could be plainly seen that Savage 2 did not have his flaps down at all and as such it was a very fast landing approach. As he slammed it down onto the deck crudely but safely savage 4 powered up, went around and headed back off to rejoin his fellow F3's to meet their tanker. Some pics from my day can be seen here .
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