Lufthansa LHR-DUS-LHR 26-29/8/05

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Flight 1: Friday 26/8/05 LHR-DUS B737-500 D-ABJE This was to be my first trip on Lufthansa so was interested to see how they compared to recent flights with BA/KLM/IB. Flight was about 3/4 full, departed only 5 mins late. Service quite efficient; nice sandwich infact very similar to BA. Aircraft seemed very well maintained as it was over 14 years old. We arrived on schedule in sunny weather(perfect for the viewing terrace) I have visited Dusseldorf before but never been on the terrace on Pier B; as shown on many photos the views are great and there is some interesting traffic too. Entry costs a mere 2euro and the view is not obstructed by any high fences either. Flight 2: Monday 29/9/05 DUS-LHR B737-500 D-ABIB Arrived at airport early to catch some more photos but unfortuantely camera now seems to be faulty; managed a few though. Return flight departed exactly on-time and after 50 mins we were circling in the stack over North London. If only my camera had been working as the views of Central London were amazingly clear. On landing at LHR I spotted what appear to be 4 new gates being built for the A380 services when introduced. Terminal 5 looks great too; just as well as the central terminal area is a joke for such a large airport. Had a great trip and would recommend Dusseldorf to anyone for a visit. I will be posting the photos on a separate thread later..
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Have the runways at Heathrow been widened yet for the introduction of the behemoth next year