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Hi all, well I flew on FR603 MME-DUB this morning. Aircraft in use was Boeing 737-200 EI-CJG (wing pic below!). The aircraft was quite tidy on board but as usual with ryanair crew were from the baltic states, had very broken english and were miserable! The flight departed 30mins ahead of schedule out over leeds --> liverpool --> english channel then a series of right turns into dublin airport. Flight time was around 35-40 minutes. A few pics of AC 767 in DUB and some random things lol. . . . MME - DUB Same on the return but flew DUB - NCL on EI-CNV, not much at NCL on arrival! Ive got loads of pics that are good quality but they are too large to be put on this site so if anyone is interested in seeing them then maybe someone can suggest somewhere i can host them? OOO Ive also got a video of taxi after landing of a few a/c and good engine shutdown sounds of the 732! Thanks BYe for now!! ;)
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Nice, brief report. I'd recommend www.flightlevel350.com for your video.