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VS075 MAN-MCO (Outbound) As usual, "Jersey Girl" is a common and amazing sight, even if i'm just doing my paper round, you can see Virgin's silver colours gleam in the morning light. But this was no paper round. This was infact a car ride to Terminal 2 at Manchester, and seeing VS075 just made me think, "I can't believe im on that plane in a few hours" and we're still 6 miles from the airport. Unlike Heathrow last year where we waited for five hours for our Virgin flight to Newark due to computer dificulties, check-in was pain free. Ten minutes to check in with 3 suitcases and 2 hand luggage each. Of course you can't start off the day without any breakfast and so we headed off to the local food court situated beneath the Atlantic Suite. if it hadn't been for the fact that we were in T2, we would have gone to Garfunkel's in T1, where you can get the best breakfast. Bacon, Eggs, you name it, you get it. But nope this was T2 and so i had to make do with a Bacon butty instead. After breakfast we headed towards WHSmith and Boots for the last minute extra's, two aircraft magazines (for me) and a Ribena (not for me), before going through to security. Again as normal security at Manchester is a quick and once again pain free process. What do you know, Duty Free. It's like an adults playground. Four Hundred cigarettes and two botttles of perfume later, it's time for the waiting game, not before a quick few minutes of spring cleaning in the Duty Free area, whilst my mum went to the phone to ring a friend up of course. At the gate i got my camara out and snapped up a few prised posetions including a Delta 767 in Interim colours ( and "Jersey Girl" herself. On board we went to our seats, this time behind the wing, as most times we get the seats inline with the wing or just in front, where you can look at the engines, a very dizzy sight. From that point i needed the toilet but decided to hold it in until the other side, i.e Orlando. VS075 was one of a few trans-atlantic flights that morning from MAN, and when taxiing to the Runway you could see AA055 to Chicago just Taxiing a bit further behind. Straight onto the runway and full speed ahead. Before you know it, your flying down the runway, bracing yourself for liftoff. One thing i did notice was that the 744 was all over the runway. Well maybe i'm exagarating but it sure felt as if she was everywhere. Apart from that a smooth liftoff and a great flight. All food onboard was great, as it usually is, and a great entertainment package with some good films, although i prefer the one where you get your very own joystick as well. We arrived at Orlando Intl. flying South from North Orlando. The views going in are amazing and when your on the B-line expressway North of the airport, you get an amazing view of aircraft coming into land. Once again when landing the aircraft felt as if it was swerving all over the place. Something definately wrong. After arriving at the gate we did everything we needed to do, including going to the toilet. This time though instead of getting the courtesy bus to the dollar-rent-a-car site, there is now one situated in the main carpark, and it sure saves time. VS076 MCO-MAN (Inbound) The flight home is always dreaded. As well as never wanting to go home, your always knackered as hell. This time we were situated right at the back where the seat formation switches from 3-4-3 to 2-4-2 or 2-3-2, I can't remember which. Of course at the back you get the disgusting idiots and a woman that had not been on for more than fifteen minutes staring spitting on the aisle. I just felt like punching her one, but thats not usually like me :o . And also because her family's entertainment system doesn't work properly, she gets away with as much Duty Free as she want's of course at the expense of Sir Richard Branson. Once again on take off and landing, the aircraft swerved from side to side, but apart from that the food and flight was once again excellent, except the fact that the entertainment wasn't as good on the way back. There is only one airline i will try and fly with and that is, Virgin Atlantic.
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Nice report there mate! I know what you mean with the Bee Line, its an amazing place to be when your in the queue to pay the toll, and a 747 blasts overhead like i've seen so many times there :D
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There is only one airline i will try and fly with and that is, Virgin Atlantic.
Very reassuring for my first trip in 13 days :) But a great report with lots of funny bits, too. Well done.