Bahrain to Masierah,Muscat & Kuwait

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I have been promoted at work and as a result I am a lot busier and doing less flying :( so this is 3 reports in one.

I am sorry that the quality of most of the images is poor but I tok most of them from inside the cabin, and you know how bad cabin windows are for photography!!

We flew to Maseirah in Oman via Bahrain Intl. as we arrived a managed to get a shot of the parking ramp, quite a mixed bag there...

As we taxied toward the terminal it became apparent that Gulf Air are having an identity crisis...

I then sat at the rear service door and managed a few shots of departing aircraft

Passing over the UAE I took a shot of Al Ain airport

When we arrived in Maseirah it was shut, one helicopter and a strikemaster :(

Then back to Bahrain and on to Muscat, and guess what, nothing interesting there either, two RAF Nimrods, a Dash 8 and some RAFO stuff, the entire civil ramp was empty :eek:

So I had to resort to the RAFO BAC111

The next trip was to Kuwait, again via Bahrain Intl.

First up was this dirty beast from Bangladesh

Then to Kuwait, but again it was quiet :(

As we taxied out for departure, we were followed by a C17

Then back to Bahrain and home.

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Welcome back.F.S. Due to the promotion,must we call you Sir now :diablo: