United LHR-JFK-LHR Report With Pics

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Hi i got back from New York yesterday after a great college trip, LHR - JFK United UA905 B777-200 1/3/06 Departed: 1:50pm Landed: 3:30pm Seat: 31F We got to the airport at 10am and checked in all of the students got on no problem but the leader of the trip couldnt come because she didnt have the right visa or passport becuase shes french, we went through to departures and i got a starbucks and saw the A380 Singapore airlines model, at 12pm we headed for our boarding gate and we boarded the plane at 12:15. we departed at 13:50 after taxiying past concorde, we listened to channel 9 of ATC and watched the moving map, we flew over Manchester and north of Dublin one over the atlantic the movies were put on and i watched walk the line which was amazing. after we flew over Ireland we were served lunch of chicken which was ok and had ice cream. the flight attendents gave up on coming to people who buzzed for the flight attendent because a school of 100 from Langly? College kept pressing the buzzer all flight and they wouldnt stop they also kep going from economy to prem economy and was standing in the aisles and making load noises all flight which annoyed us. after 6hrs we starded to decend into JFK airport and we flew over long island, we landed on 31R at 3:30pm 45 min early, we got through customs quickly and got our bags straight away and we then went off for 4 days in New York :) JFK-LHR UA956 B777-200 4/3/06 Departed: 8pm Landed: 6:37am Seat: 33B After a good 4 days in New York it was time to go home, that day we went to Times square and Maddame Tussauds which was good me and some friends did American Idol and got through to Hollywood :D. we got to the airport at 4pm and did self service check in. one we checked in we went through security and one of the students got stopped because he had steel toe capped boots on then a coin which he couldnt find. we had 2hrs till we had to board so we went shopping i got Rent Album saw it on Broadway and it was Amazing. we boarded at 6:15pm and found out it was the same lot that were on the flight out so would be a nightmare flight back. we takied at 7pm and the captain told up we would be departing at 8pm due to traffic waiting to depart. behind us was a United Emb145 and a Aer Lingus A330-200 one in the air we hit turbulence and dinner started. we had turbulence all flight but bad turbulance after Canada. after atching Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire we were halfway over the Atlantic and Then Rent came on it is a brillant film. after that finished we were given our snack boxed containing our breakfast which was fruit salad and a roll and Croissant? as we were circling london a Virgin Atlantic A346 flew below us and we came down the Thames towards London Heathrow, We Landed at 6:37 20 minuites early after 2 good flights and a great 4 days in New York we were home. United give a good service economy was very comphy and the service was excellent i would not hessitate flying them again and may do soon. 10/10. More Pics To Follow
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Great report there mate!
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Great report! :) I also flew N774UA back in 2002.

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Nice report
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Nice little report there :D
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A nice interesting report there & good pics!