-Pics- Virgin Atlantic MAN - MCO - VS 75 -Part 1

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Hello! Intro After 1 year in the planning and an excuse to go on a 747-400 we went to Orlando with Virgin Atlantic Airways for 6 Days to a family wedding it was finally time to go, here is the flight report there, i have travelled with Virgin Atlantic before in 2002 on there TF-ATN 747-200 to Orlando, but now the big one, the 400. http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/4631/vs9ua.jpg Flight #1 Airline- Virgin Atlantic Airways Flight Number- VS 075 Aircraft- Boeing 747-443 Registration- G-VROM Named- "Barbarella" AirBorn- December 2001 Date - Wednesday 15th March 2006 From- Manchester International Airport (MAN / EGCC) To- Orlando International Airport (MCO / KMCO) Seat Number- 44K Departure Schedualed- 10:25 Departure Actual- 10:46 Arrival Schedualed- 14:50 Arrival Actual- 14:14 Food- Sausage & Mash Potatoes, Then Later On In The Flight A Chicken Salad Sandwich We arrived at Manchester Airport at around 05.45, as we knew that check-in opened at 06:00 so we waited and we got told we could check-in we then go the security checks done on us and we went to the check-in agent who supplied us with seats 44K,G,J & H, He told us the aircraft hadnt yet arrived and hadnt been issued a gate, he also said that boarding was at 09:30 and not 09:10 which it had said on the borading card. We passed through security and did some shopping, as you do, and we looked at the screen which said we had gate 206, so we went there they started boarding around 09:35 and everyone was onboard by 10:20 we started pushback at 10:26 and headed for 06L which happend to be our departure runway. we departed and climbed to only 32,000ft, inflight entertainment came on, and i watched Harry Potter for 3 hours then comedy programes for the rest of the flight, After passing over Ireland we traveled over the Atlantic Ocean for around a couple of hours, some mild turbulence hit the aircarft, So we climed to 34,000ft, Then headed down the east coast of New Foundland then Canada then Boston, Washington DC, here we had hit some more turbulence, So we climbed to 36,000ft, Just The Ouskirts of New York, There is a pic of our route map (all pics at the bottom), more turbulence hit whilst passing over the east coast of Georgia, we started our decent into orlando around 13:30 (USA Time). The clocked ticked on and as we passed by 8,000ft the spoliers were put up and the wing shuck and so did we altough at that time because of all the turbulence we had it wasnt no different to the inflight. Some fantasic views of Orlando can be seen from the photos below, Spoliers Down and flaps down and gear down we touched down, Arrival was 36 minutes ahead of scheduale and we parked up at gate 81 i do belive. Flight overall - 9/10 (i didnt get the choice i wanted for my meal) Look Out For Part 2!, If you enjoyed reading about my flight and turbulence definatly read Part 2! ow and i cant forget i will be moaning in part 2! [Route Map] http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/9154/dscf00142tb.th.jpg [FL320] http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/4615/dscf00103kq.th.jpg [Unknown Airport] http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/3637/dscf00198un.th.jpg [Spoilers] http://img143.imageshack.us/img143/5382/dscf00234sz.th.jpg [Turning Onto Orlando Intl] http://img110.imageshack.us/img110/8664/dscf00267dd.th.jpg Jon
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nice report. glad you enjoyed it :D