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On July 15th 2006, I began my very long trip to Wilmington (ILM) flying MAN-EWR-ATL-ILM. Here is the report from my first flight ... with the rest to come later on :) Arrived at MAN at 07:30 for the 11:25 CO101 flight to EWR. I showed my Dad and co. to their check-in desk, as they were travelling to PLM via STN the same day. After taking them to T1, myself and my stepbrother returned to T2, to be greeted by an enormous que at the check-in desk. After around an hour of waiting in line, we finally checked in and walked through to the departure lounge. Whilst waiting at the gate, I finally saw what I was waiting for... A CO 752 (with winglets) :D . Both CO's arrived at the same time with there being a delay on the first flight. We made our way down the stairs and boarded a coach after a 1 hour delay. We sped over to the remote stand and disembarked the bus. Then we boarded the plane, which in compliment to CO, looked extremely nice!:D After a long walk down the aisle, I took my seat in seat 32A. We pushed back fairly quickly after boarding to reduce the size of the delay. The pilot when announced the flight time, which was 6h30mins which made up for the time loss. We taxiied out to runway 24R and began a rolling take off with the lovely sound of the engines on the 752. We rotated and began our acsent upto FL370, whilst I was comferting my nervous stepbrother who hadn't flown for 5 years :diablo: We reached FL370 and cruised at a speed of 500kts. The flight plan was over the northern tip of Ireland, out over the Atlantic then down over St.Johns and the New England states of America. The cabin crew were very friendly and provided an excellent service. Flying over the Atlantic in a 757 isn't bad atall - trust me ;) After 6 hours flying with some rather heavy turbulence over the sea (making my stepbrother rather unerved), we began our initial approach into EWR. We turned many vectors whilst decsending and passed through the blue skies of New York. We than began our final approach onto runway 22L. The landing was very smooth and the spoilers were'nt deployed. We rolled off the runway and began the long taxi to Terminal C behind many CO ExpressJets and a FedEx MD-11. We pulled up alongside a couple of other CO 752s - one of them being the aircraft that departed MAN 10 minutes before us! :D We walked towards customs and immigration joining a HUGE que which resulted in us missing our connecting flight to ATL which was scheduled to be a 738, but the flight we got put onto was an MD-88 which wasn't too bad afterall:) Overall, the flight was excellent as were the crew. Well done CO!
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Great report there mate, will be posting mine tomorrow after i have got rid of this jet lag! Jon :D
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Very nice report Sam accompanied by some great pictures :).

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Good report ...well done