EWR-ATL (Pics, following on from MAN-EWR)

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Here goes my trip report for the next leg of my journey to Wilmington! :D After passing through customs and immigration upon arrival from MAN, we found out we had missed our connection flight to ATL, which wasn't very pleasing. The good thing was the time between our connection out of ATL to ILM wasn't for another 5 hours. :) We boarded the metrotrain (very good terminal infrastructure at EWR by the way) and made our way over to Terminal B. Then we walked along to the Delta check in area and explained our situation to the woman behind the counter. She was very helpful and boarded us onto the next DL flight to ATL, which was a 17:20 flight. The brilliant thing about our missed connection was we got to fly the DL MD-88 instead of the 738! :D After an hour or so, we made our way towards the gate, getting searched thoroughly by the strict security, which was rather uncomfertable! :rolleyes: We walked down to Gate 45 and waited for our boarding instructions. Conveniently (and to the credit of DL and CO), the man at the gate announced that "Sam Fuller and Sean White" were to go to the desk, and receive our boarding passes as our seats were yet to be allocated. He then handed us our boarding cards and to our delight we had been allocated seats 2A and 2B, the "business class" seats of the MD-88. Thanks CO and DL! :D We then boarded the flight and waited for the plane to load. The plane was then pushed back from stand and we finally began our long taxi to runway 22R, queing up behind 10 other planes for take-off! :p We finally made our way up to number 1 for take-off and spooled up the engines (very loud!!). The plane didn't take long to get off the floor and we followed the departure pattern, a left-right turn, which was cool in the old,shakey MD-88!:cool: :D We made our way over Atlantic City and down towards ATL at FL340, and had a funny conversation with an American woman sat across from us. She asked where we were from and we said "Stockport in Manchester" and she promptly replied " Ahhhhh Manchester in London"! Americans these days :rolleyes: The onboard service was excellent and the crew were helpful, serving many drinks and snacks. After about an hours flying, we started our descent through some rather heavy clouds into ATL. This was VERY turbulent and the plane didnt stop rattling until it was down to around 4,000ft! :) We began our final approach and raced a DL 752 that was on finals to the parallel runway. :diablo: We won of course :D The landing was smooth but very noisy and we started to taxi to stand. The airport was very busy indeed and planes did not stop landing ant taking off. We finally pulled up on stand alongside other MD-88's and 752's. We disembarked the plane and headed into the nice Coucourse B of ATL! Overall, very nice flight and brilliant to fly in a MadDog! Well kept by Delta as well. Keep it up DL! :D
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Nice report! :D
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Great report, and great shots also, I love the first one with all the delta lined up! :)
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Great report Sam :), love the pictures also :D.