[PHOTO-REPORT] Flight from Weeze to Rome,15th September '06

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Hope this is the right forum ;) On the 15th September I left my home very early in the morning to drive to Germany , more exactly , Niederrhein-Weeze airport. When you arrive you have to drive through the ex- Laarbruch AB gate , once you passed the entry you drive on the taxiways of this ex RAF base where all buildings and shelters still looks very intact. After driving some minutes you arrive at a very good looking and new terminal :) Inside the large terminal are only some check in rows , some shops and a restaurant on the first floor with an observation deck ;) Inside the restaurants you can find large posters of past airshows held at Laarbruch airbase showing some very nice special paints of RAF Tornado's :D Don't expect a lot of air-traffic because on the screens were only 5-6 Ryanair flights shown for the whole day... After we checked in for our Ryanair flight to Rome-Ciampino we had to pass through the heavy screening , I even had to swith the power of my camera on!!! On with the photos ;) While waiting for our flight , another Ryanair flight arrives from Spain http://fafafabe.free.fr/Forum/PRATICA17-09-2006/myflight01-.JPG From inside the terminal you have a good look on the opposite side of the field showing the many shelters and towers http://fafafabe.free.fr/Forum/PRATICA17-09-2006/myflight02-.JPG Took this quick shot of our bird waiting to get loaded wih passengers and luguage http://fafafabe.free.fr/Forum/PRATICA17-09-2006/myflight03-.JPG A view from inside our aircraft shows the observation deck http://fafafabe.free.fr/Forum/PRATICA17-09-2006/myflight04-.JPG A view on the huge city of Rome on our approach to Ciampino airport http://fafafabe.free.fr/Forum/PRATICA17-09-2006/myflight05-.JPG Heavy traffic on the highway , some minutes before touching down http://fafafabe.free.fr/Forum/PRATICA17-09-2006/myflight06-.JPG Clear to land on runway 15 , 2 bizzjets are waiting at the threshold http://fafafabe.free.fr/Forum/PRATICA17-09-2006/myflight07-.JPG
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Thats a very nice observation deck there Fabke, they are getting a rare site nowadays
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Yeah this is the right place,Nice report and great pictures there where abouts is Niederrhein-Weeze is it near any city or town? the RAF Tonkas are they GR1's? James
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Nice report and pics! :D