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A very short break to Hong Kong last week and this is how I got there (and back) Route was chosen a) to get a flight out of London city which was the first time using this pleasant airport b) only routing available using LH airmiles. The check in desk opened approx 2 hours before departure and took a few minutes on account of the routing etc. Boarding passes for the entire outward sectors were given. Departure area offers some excellent views of the ramp / runway and so watched the movements for a while. Boarded Augsburg Airways DHC8 (D-BDTM) for the 95 min flight to Frankfurt. Take off time was 13.41 and arrival was at 15.05 local time. As this was business class trip the snack served on board was very good, consisting of cold meats / salad / fruits & creme broulie + usual drinks. The weather in Frankfurt was not great and so several flights were running a bit late including mine to Munich but eventually boarded D-AIRY LHA321 (seat 5C) for the 36 min 'hop' to Munich. Crew still managed to serve a snack of ham roll / cheese / salad etc during this flight. Departure time was 18.36 arrival was at 19.12. A couple of hours to wait here before the long haul to HKG. LH as you might expect have a well stocked lounge which was used as it was too dark to do any photography. Boarded A340 D-AIGZ (seat 3A) for the 11.24 hour flight to Hong Kong. This aircraft had been fitted with the new LH business seats and they were very comfortable - the almost lay flat position really does improve the chance of some sleep. The inflight entertainment system is also new with a good range of newish films (ie Xmen3, Cars, Devil wears Prada etc) available. Crew very attentive - constant supply of drinks throughtout the night. If anybody woke then within a few mins something was offered. The moving map is also useful for noting our route which took us over Prague, Ekaterinburg, Novosibursk, Chonguing, then a quick tour of the south china sea as the landing direction changed during the descent. Onboard service was excellent - with a good meal of spicy chicken etc + a brunch Landed at 15.05 on the 25.10.06. Thursday 26th - day spent at airport (see pics on photo thread) Wx was not great with a lot of haze. The spotting point near Haeco is ok with a longish lens and it is quite easy to get to. Take the Tung Chung MTR line to Tung Chung - S52 bus (making sure it says aircraft maintenance area on the front) Cost if 4HK$ so either get a lot of change or buy an octopus card which is just scanned each time. Buses run every 20mins. Bus S1 runs to the Terminal (3.5HK$) if you fancy somewhere to get a drink etc as there are no facilities at HAECO. Friday - touristy bits. (inc Scient Museum to see the DC3) Saturday - use the down town check in at the station to get rid of luggage and headed to airport to meet up with some friends out there. Stayed at terminal for a while but then drove round to 'Cathay City' to photograph the other DC3 that CX have outside their facility. By this time the runway direction had changed so went to the approach end of 25R for a while - we saw 1 aircraft land then direction changed again! (twice in 45 mins) so back to HAECO for a couple of hours. Again wx was hazy. Saw the LH A340 (D-AIGZ! again) land and headed back to terminal to wait for flight. The new HK is a very impressive airport but there were a lot of people going through security / passport control. As my flight was not until late PM there was pleanty of time to walk the terminal / use lounge etc (shower facility was very handy having been outside most of the day) Boarded D-AIGZ (seat 3A) at 11pm with a take off time of 11.45 - arrival time in Munich was 5am. Another excellent flight (bumpy though) - food quality was not quite as good as on the outward leg - the beef was a bit tough and the desert was impossible to identify (no menu's given out as per outbound leg) Crew were attentive and frequently came around with drinks once they noticed anybody awake. Breakfast was an omelette which was fine. Last leg now - D-AIPC A320 to LHR. Departure 07.28 arriving in LHR 8.10 local. Another similar breakfast served which was fine - meal service stopped at one point due to turbulence. Flight deck crew PA was something along the lines of "sorry for stopping drinks etc but the safety of the crew is more important than passengers getting a drink" - 100% agree with that. Passed though LHR T2 very quickly and manged to get the railair coach at 8.45 - luggage was one of the first off and I waited at the carousel for no more than 2 mins before it arrived. hope you enjoyed this report.
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