Bahrain to Baku (part 1)

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Its been a long time since I posted, mainly due to my new job, I don’t fly as much as I did and when I do it is to the usual old boring destinations. But today I went somewhere new, Baku in Azerbajan to pick up some VIPs. I apologise for the poor quality photos, I have to take my shots from inside the cabin at most airports in Asia, they get very funny about cameras, but I guess most of you already know that!! If anyone would like the originals please ask! We started early with an 05:00 local departure, still dark, using A9C-BDF. The Captain was Roger Delhaye, FO Major Mohammed Fadalah. They were too busy to smile for the camera… [img=] Our route took us straight over Iran, I have posted pictures of the Iranian mountains before but to my surprise as the sun came up the mountains were covered in snow, lots of it! Most of Iran is like this. [img=] [img=] [img=] The airshow shows our position and here is the Jeppesen chart with the route info: [img=] [img=] As we approached a very misty Baku we overflew these strange looking platforms in the Caspian Sea, must be oil or gas. [img=] Then the city to our left: [img=] The airport to our right: [img=]
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