Bahrain to Baku (part 2)

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The local Farms with compound walls: [img=] The beach on the north shore of the peninsula, notice the brollies! [img=] Then a cross wind landing on runway 16. [img=] Then picked up the "follow me" vehicle. [img=] We passed the obligatory Illushin 76s with missing engines as we taxied in, how many are in this condition around the world?:( [img=] Past a cool looking terminal building. [img=] Then parked to load cargo, self loading cargo and fuel. [img=] Here are some of the "locals" [img=] [img=] [img=] [img=] [img=] [img=] Then heading for home, a look at the airport from the air: [img=] [img=] I was pleasantly surprised by the modern look of the airport and the equipment (vehicles etc) the people quite "westernised" too, I expected old Soviet trucks and uniforms like Ashkhabad and Tashkent but no. Passing Tehran I thought I had better take a picture before it gets re-landscaped:diablo: [img=]
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