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Hey folks, this is a belated report of a trip I took about 6 months ago to Japan. Some of the details are a bit hazy but hope you find it insightful anyway!

Malaysia Airlines: MEL-KUL-NRT

True to form, I booked the cheapest possible flight! I was going to Tokyo and Qantas fly MEL-NRT direct. But they were 20% more expensive, besides which as a person who loves flying I couldn't say no to a more convoluted journet!

We checked in at Tullamarine 2 and a half hours before departure. I have always found the government bit (customs, immigration, quarantine, urine samples and all that rubbish) very time consuming. I was good humoured about it though, as I was after all going on holiday!

I spent some time in the departures area, and was surprised by how empty it all was. There was the usual cluster of Virgin Blue 737's but hardly any heavy traffic - just a shiny Malaysian 747-400. It struck me as odd that the national flag on the front of the plane seemed backwards. I began thinking bad I going crazy or is it really on backwards??

The pilots and cabin crew came along and boarded the plane - there were loads of flight attendants, more than I've ever seen in one place before!

Shortly thereafter, boarding was called and we headed on board. Some more passengers came out of the woodwork (or more likely the smoking shelter!) but the flight still seemed to be only about 25% full.

The interior was in good condition and comfortable, although a bit green for my taste! But I still feel sick recalling Ryanair's interior's so musn't grumble.

Meal service came along quickly. Can't remember what it was but I think I enjoyed it (informative huh!)

We arrived at KL soon enough and I found the airport a real pleasure. It was smaller than I expected but - shock horror - I managed to find a table at Starbucks. This never, ever happens for me in any UK airport! The little trains shuttling between terminals were very frequent - almost annoyingly so, but I think I really am a Pom because I'm whingeing for no apparent reason. If I had a proper whinge to make, it is about the freebie internet terminals. Half were broken and the other half unusable (awful trackballs and flickering screens).

After a few hours sitting on my bottom (again!) we boarded another Malaysia flight, this time a 777-200ER to Tokyo.

Everything about the flight (including the 25% load) was the same as my previous flight. So uneventful...but also quite relaxing travelling this way.

The excitement began at Narita. Boy, on the taxi to the stand, the number of Northwest aircraft - 747 Classics, DC-10's and 747-400's. They were literally everywhere. I thought AMS and LGW had lots of Northwest flights but Tokyo beats them hands down.

Sorry about the lack of pictures and hard details - I sort of drifted out of this forum when I moved countries and never really thought about documenting anything.

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A very good report my friend, it's a shame it's not enhanced by some the way there are no smoking shelters at Tulla... it's a smoke free airport

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yes... i quite like Tullamarine mainly because it is never over-crowded.

last year when i came back... this chap in front of me was coming in from France and the custom agent asked him, "anything to declare?" to which he replied with a grin on his face "yes, never goto France". Classic moment! :D