FSX Helicopter 'Tutorial' Mission problem

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Hi all,

When trying to complete the "Tutorial 12: Helicopter Maneuvers 2" mission, the Robinson (original bit here edited out since this board doesn't allow strikethrough, and some might have considered it a bit crude...) R22's engine dies after about 5 minutes flying. It doesn't do it in the other tutorials, and I have never had it happen in any other aircraft or the rare occasion I've used the R22 in a 'Free Flight'.
I vaguely recall this was an issue with some add-ons if you tried running without FSUIPC as, for some reason, the sim would drain the aircraft battery after about 5 minutes, but I'm at a loss for why it is happening on this one mission.

I'm running FSX with Acceleration under Vista, and with various First Class Sims add-ons (including Fighter Pilot 2 & Panavia Tornado) but this darn tutorial is the only one that won't work...

Any help gratefully received...

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