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As a flightsim fan and a ipad owner I looked for a way to get the mfd and cdu of the flightsim dcs a10 working on my Ipad. With the apple app "Touch IR" I found a perfect tool for this. I got a working pit on my ipad with working mfds,cdu and ufd. Lot's of working buttons to do a complete cold startup for the Eagle dynamics dcs A10.

I think there are not that many A10 pilots here but I want to let you know that you can use the app Touch IR the same way with other sims! It got a very flexible way to use key macro's to send key commands using autohotkey. Have a check on my site to see what I have done with it for my a10 ipadpit. You can download my ipadpit there for free. The touch ir app cost around $6, but you can check the editor and server for free.



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That's a good idea, I've got a laptop I can use for precisely the same job. Windows, though, not Mac.

I'm an A-10C & Ka-50 novice.

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Might be the only excuse to get an iPad! I'm still struggling to get my MFD's onto the second screen - the ultimate is to get the Thrustmaster MFD's and 2 8 inch monitors but my technical abilities are getting even more stretched figuring that out!

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Ghost I don't know, but thought you might like to see this that someone posted on another site, it is a space shuttle landing app..... watch the films :)