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Much progress has been made and discussed in previous RAeS Flight Simulation Group Conferences on the simulation of an aircraft and its operational systems for use in flight crew training. International standards have even been drafted in the civil arena defining required levels of simulation fidelity as a function of training tasks.

But what are the challenges that still need addressing in the fidelity of the simulation of the real world environment outside the aircraft? What is missing or lacking in this area that could improve the training value and realism of flight simulation based aircrew training in both civilian and military operations? What are the challenges to be resolved and how should we address them?

Regardless of whether you are involved with management, manufacturing, training, regulating, airspace, or any other aspect of civil or military flight and flight training operations, this Conference provides a unique opportunity to become involved, discuss the issues and influence the work required to resolve them.

Session Titles Include:
• The Operational Environment
• The Sensor & Sensory Environment
• Radio and ATC Environments
• Visual Environments

Register now to benefit from superb networking opportunities within the industry. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in debate and discussion on current industry issues.
To view the full two day programme, visit http://www.aerosocietychannel.com/events/2010/11/spring-flight-sim-opts

Call +44 (0)20 7670 4345 or email [email]conference@aerosociety.com[/email] for more information.

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