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X-Plane 10

X-Plane 10 is probably the most anticipated release of X-Plane to date. With that in mind, we invited its creator, Austin Meyer, to share his thoughts with us on this groundbreaking addition to the X-Plane franchise.

Flight Sim Flight Test:The Cessna 152

In the second edition of this new series, Dave Unwin compares the real Cessna 152 with Just Flight's virtual version.

Challenging Airports

Chris Frishmuth starts a new series of articles that will take a look at some of the most interesting airports from across the globe. Over the next few issues, he will attempt to replicate some of the challenging and unique approaches that can set the heart beating that little bit faster!


Flight Simulator - A Beginner's Guide

Tony Radmilovich's Beginner's Guide for this issue offers help and advice on some of the more 'technical' aspects of Flight Simulator, including installing add-ons, file management and much more besides.

Jet Airliners - A Flight Sim Pilot's Guide to Concorde

Continuing our series on flying Concorde, Jane Whittaker shows us how to take this iconic aircraft from a standing start at the gate to achieving supersonic speed!

Flying Helicopters
Helicopters have been described as 'several hundred thousand parts flying in loose formation, requiring skills akin to wrestling an octopus to fly!' So, over the next two issues, we will to endeavour to show you how to successfully master rotary-wing flying.

Flight Sim Adventure
In this instalment of our Flight Adventure, Tony Radmilovich will take you across many majestic natural wonders, including the Rocky Mountains and Texas desert, flying a variety of aircraft.


Improving frame rates in FSX!

Mathijs Kok, from Aerosoft, provides invaluable advice for all flight simmers on improving frame rates in FSX.


Flight1's Douglas DC-2
Carenado's Beech Baron
Vertigo's F9F Panther
IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
Aerosoft's Cleveland X
Aerosoft's Iceland X
The 'Dihedral' FSX PC

and much more!

PC Pilot July/August issue is AVAILABLE NOW for just £4.99 from WHSmith and other leading newsagents. Alternatively, order your copy with FREE P&P from our online shop.

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