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Could anyone tell me the fate of the following simulators built by Link-Miles and housed in purpose-built "Portacabins"

Jaguar No 5, delivered to (I think) RAF Wildenrath in 1977

Jetstream delivered to RAF Finningley in 1979

Lynx delivered or moved to RAF Wattisham in 1990(?)

All three simulators were housed in transportable cabins to avoid the expense of erecting and running a permanent building. The Jaguar and the Jetstream had 3 DoF motion systems ,while the Lynx had a 6 DOF motion. and, I think, a 4 window DNVS visual system

I fear that they have been broken up; It would have been nice to think that at least one example of these training devices could have been preserved for posterity

Dai Lee (fomer Mech Design Engineer, Singer Link-Miles)

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