Microsoft Flight Simulator - Guide to GA Aircraft

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Trainer Aircraft
All pilots must learn the basic flying skills that will form the foundations of their future flying. Despite most trainers being relatively simple two-seaters, these models provide extraordinary attention to detail.
Includes A2A Piper Cub, Real Air Scout.

Bush Flying

Bush flying often uses minimal pilot aids and is very much a low altitude affair. These types have a strong following in the flight sim community for their challenging nature.
Includes Beaver X & C185F Skywagon.

As private pilots start to flex their wings, they typically build their hours in touring aircraft. These types are stable, single-engine planes which keep pilot fatigue down and comfort up!
Includes SAAB 91 Safir & Bonanza F33A.

GA Flight Adventures
A perfect way to experience GA in flight sim is to get 'back to basics' and fly a series of visual navigation exercises.
Includes Bavaria day VFR, Central Rocky Mountain, New Zealand night VFR.

Flight Sim Controllers
The diverse range of aircraft controls that make the immersion into General Aviation that much more realistic and enjoyable.

Flight 1's Piper Cub & Realair's Scout
DEMO FS Flying School 2011, Virtual Airline listings
DOWNLOADS Cresco 750, L-40 Meta Sokol, Pilatus PC-6C-H2, Mudry CAP-10

and much more!

Microsoft Flight Simulator - Essential Guide to GA Aircraft is AVAILABLE NOW for just £4.99 from WHSmith and other leading newsagents. Alternatively, order your copy with FREE P&P* from our online shop.

*UK and BFPO only

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