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Following the completion of a major expansion and revamp of its already extensive training program, TAW DCS is pleased to announce the launch of a new recruiting campaign aimed primarily at rookie and novice flight simulation enthusiasts. TAW DCS’ virtual flight simulator organization is part of the Horizon Division of The Art of Warfare (TAW).

“Although we currently are comprised mostly of veterans, we are putting a strong focus on recruiting novice pilots—we created our entire training program to developing the recruits’ skills and experience with DCS’ airplanes and helicopters,” said the Division’s Executive Officer. “One of our key objectives is an organization that is rich in diversity and committed to growth and camaraderie. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever stepped into a virtual cockpit, we welcome you.”

TAW DCS flies three nights a week—in practice flights and real-time missions. In addition to the increasing rookie ranks, the group has a solid core of veterans with skills unparalleled in the combat flight community. The veterans’ cadre has experienced a major growth surge in its ranks. TAW DCS is committed to growth, continuous improvement and everyone having a great time.

“Regardless of your skill level, the TAW DCS Division of The Art of Warfare (TAW), invites all pilots—from rookies to aces—to join us,” the spokesman said. “We especially welcome rookies with minimal or zero experience. The flight sim gurus consistently agree that joining an online virtual squadron is the latest, most thorough means of going from Rookie to Ace in Digital Combat Simulator aircraft—the most complicated, in-depth and realistic sims in the virtual flying universe.”

Founded in 2001, TAW remains one of the world’s fastest growing yet most stable virtual communities online today. The people-oriented community has seen significant growth in numbers, quality and experience. TAW DCS flies all of Digital Combat Simulators aircraft except P-51D. Two veteran sim pilots, Insignia and Blackasaurus, founded the Division on May 1, 2013.

For more information on The Art of Warfare, please visit the official website.

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