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January/February issue OUT NOW


FSX/Prepar3D and X-Plane compared
Chris Frishmuth uses Just Flight’s multi-platform PA-28R Arrow III to answer the question: What is the difference between FSX/Prepar3D and X-Plane?

REMEX Software’s Deadstick
We have an interview with REMEX Software, a newcomer to the flight sim industry, in which we find out about the company and its first standalone simulation - ‘Deadstick’.

Challenging Airports: Narsarsuaq, Greenland (BGBW)
Whether you are flying scheduled airline routes to Narsarsuaq or utilising it as a mid-trip fuel stop on a longer journey, operating to the airport requires careful consideration and preparation due to the extremes of distance, weather and geography that the area features.

BlueSky Flight Simulations’ Curtiss P-40F Warhawk
Another newcomer to the flight sim industry is BlueSky FS, whose first release, the Curtiss P-40F Warhawk, has been designed for Dovetail’s FSW. In this exclusive interview we discuss both the company and the product.

Virtual Airlines: myAustrian Virtual

This issue, our Virtual Airline of choice is something a little different from what we’re used to. For a change, Jessica Bannister-Pearce looks at a VA set-up to follow its real life counterpart.


Flight Simulator Universal Inter Process Communication or FSUIPC is the work of flight sim legend Pete Dowson and is one of the few absolutely essential programs that every FSX/P3D pilot needs in their sim. But what does it really do? We take a look at the basics and a little of its history.

Honeycomb Aeronautical Interview
Honeycomb Aeronautical, a new hardware developer in the flight sim industry, has announced two new products: the Alpha Flight Control yoke and the Bravo Throttle quadrant. In this exclusive interview we find out more about the company and its plans for the future.


Airliner Simulation: Part 3 - Preparing at the gate
Following on from our previous issue, where we had a look at the building blocks of a flight plan, Richard Benedikz goes through the tasks that need to be completed before pushing back from the gate.

Flight Adventure: The world’s busiest routes
The world’s top 15 busiest air routes are all outside the US, with all of the top 10 in the Asia/Pacific region. This issue, we fly the top two on the list – located in Korea and Japan.



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