Airbus simulator at the Aeroseum, Gothenburg, Sweden

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Hello everybody,
You may be aware that I am a voluntary guide in the Aeroseum, which has recently acquired an Airbus 300 simulator. It is now operational, with a home-made computer program and I have. along with several other volunteers, started learning how to use it. The intention is eventually to let museum visitors "fly" it under our supervision. My question now is, has any such facility been made available to the general public in the UK? I am in the process of preparing instructions for the simulator program users ("instructors") and also a written guide for the general public who will be using the simulator, with VERY basic and limited information about the various flight instruments and aircraft controls. This information would be passed on by the "instructors" to the visitors so that they can at least take off and keep the aircraft flying. If there is a similar situation in the UK, I am ready to fly over from Sweden to visit and pick the brains of those who are responsible for it. Perhaps a Private Message would be the best way to contact me.
Thank you in advance,
Papa Lima

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