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Right, this evening I flew ORD-YYZ using a UA 735 in the now rather out of date UA Shuttle livery. As you will be able to tell, it was set to winter! :)

1) The take-off queue at ORD, All UA aircraft. 4 UA A320s and the tail of a UA 752, there were another 2 UA aircraft in front of me.
2) Lift-off! With the queue in the background, 752 just lining up
3) Downtown Chicago and Meigs on the left.
4) In the cruise with traffic, UA 757 and AA F100.
5) Downtown Toronto with the CN Tower, Skydome and City Airport while approaching YYZ.
6) Finals into ORD
7) Touchdown at YYZ!
8) Parked at the gate, BA 744 parked in the background.

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