Opening Cargo Doors and the stairs

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One thing that has always baffled me with flight simulator, I have never known how to open cargo doors, or release the aircraft stairs. Can anyone help? :confused: :o

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I'm not sure if they are key assigned by default, if not you could always go into the FS2004 settings and assign them yourself.

You want to assign the wing fold and tail hook functions for the doors and stairs (or other features programmed by the aircraft designer) to work.

Good luck!

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Of course the aircraft you are flying does have to have opening air stairs and cargo doors fitted!

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I have a BA 777 that automatically folds the wing depending on the G-load and speed! The ZIPfile is too big to upload. Send me a PM with your e-mailadress and I'll send it to you. It's also available for download at Also found a nice sound package there too.

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The default key is SHIFT + E to open the doors etc and then the same again to close it, give it a go and see how you go :)



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I seem to remember that some commands are not mapped to any keys so you have to do so yourself. Usually tells you so in the manual of the addon if you need to remap keys.