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Ok after getting into battlefield online i was wondering whats il-2 like to play online? How good is everybody? Is there any mods apart from the expansion pack? How do the skins work? I've seen people talking bout a squadron they are in how do you join it? so on and so forth

cheers stu

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If you mean how good are the pilots then they range from ace to complete novice, just like in real life. Playing online can be frustrating, gratifying, a little scary (beleive it or not because sometime you find your heart pounding) and sometimes it looks like you are deep inside some WW2 air combat movie. Sometimes though it can suck, thats VERY rare though. Mate I'd say you'll love it but its best with an online squad.

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Alot depends on the realism settings that the server has on. With full realism, flying your plane is very difficult as you need to be using rudder alot and you can find yourself going into spins and stalling alot more in tight turning fight. High realism also may mean you only get a cockpit view, and one with the control panel covering most the view. Also you have a realistically huge area in which to fly and it can take some time to fly to find active enemy bases. Back when I flew IL-2, usually the two teams would each pick a base close to eachother so spawning would mean taking off right into the action.

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Try and get into Teamspeak so you can talk to your colleagues and also try and join a squad,most are very friendly and you will be immersed a bit more