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Hi guys,

Hope you can help me yet again (lol) I have purchased Flight sim 2k Pro but seem to be having problems with my PC crashing when trying to play!! :mad:

Does anyone know why this happens.

Jet man

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I would try asking in the Flight Simulation forum section to get quick help, but it might be your graphics or audio drivers causing the crash. Does it crash at the same spot in the software every time?

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Jetman, post the specs of your PC and your OP system. AFAIK there was a patch released for FS2000, have you checked for it? FS2000 was very buggy.
Could you not get FS2002 or FSACOF?

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Make sure you download the patch.
I assume you bought a four year old version of Flight Simulator because your system is weak. Therefore make sure you download the latest drivers for your videocard.
FS is very problematic with Microsoft NT.