Brussels-Amsterdam with Air Belgium

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Today I made my first flight for Air Belgium, and also my first ever flight in an ATR aircraft. I chose Brussels-Amsterdam. Parked at the A-pier in Brussels. Clearance was given to taxi to runway 25R. Close to the runway, with an SNBA A319 in front. Take off clearance took ages. But eventually we were airborne. Climbing to altitude. Cruising at 13000 feet. Inflight views. Clearance was given to fly straight in to runway 6 at Amsterdam. Touchdown on runway 6. After landing at AMS. At the terminal in AMS. That little ATR is very well behaved! A good first flight in the type.
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my thoughts also, I like the shots but the livery is a bit...I dunno really...
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OMG! Comet is also flying virtualy in Belgium now! What next? PS: Nice screenshots Comet. Greets, Stieglitz

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Great screenshots there