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Hi, does anyone know of any games where you can fly a beaufighter or similar twin engined ground attack aircraft on a console? (Playstation, gamecube e.t.c.) Or any on computer that don't take up to much space on your computer? I'm preferably after a console game but maybe a computer one, if i have enough space on my comp.
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There's a Mosquito add-on for CFS2 done by Just Flight. It's pretty flawed as is most of their stuff and even CFS2 is pretty lavish with the space it requires to run. But there is a chance to fly the Amiens Raid, do some U-Boat hunting, that sort of stuff. Moggy
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Pacific fighters has Beaus

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Yep, Pacific Fighter's does have Beaufighter's in there among many, many other WWII Aircraft. I made the Campaign "Cat's Eye's" among other's which is on the maker's main site. Here's a Link to their site m8: Hot Space