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hi, i was just wondering what youd say the best approach and landing speeds are for different aircraft? depending on conditions ill land between 130 knots and 145 in a 737, but im not sure what the best approach and landing speeds are in a 757 and other smaller aircraft.

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I use (depending on weights) 130 for a 757, 140 for A320 and any smaller planes (like Bae146) i use 100. You can generally see if you have the right approach speed, as when you are fully configured for landing and at the correct speed, you should have a pitch attitude of just above 0

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Tom is about right, but your pitch attitude should be between 2 & 5 degrees nose up, it's called profile and would ideally like to be at Vref showing the profile by about 3DME, if your nose is too low just decrease speed a tad then wait for the change, conversly if it's too high just increase speed a tad and wait for the change

hope this helps