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Hi guys, recently bought x plane 8 to find out what all the raving was about by some people in the forums and magazines. Must say dont like it as much as I do flight sim 2004 as I dont find it as user friendly. I do like some of the features in it and the landing in the bigger aircraft when you get the glide right are as realistic as the real thing. My problem is that when I actually find a plane to download I cant then get it to show up I just end up getting the default boeing every time. What am I doing wrong. Is there a registry file I need to add the title into or something. Really getting fed up with it already. Also once I have overcome this problem does anyone know of an aerobatic aircraft for free download say an extra 300, cap or pitts. Looking forward to any replies.
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X-Plane This is my first ever post so hi to everyone. Merlin. If you install downloaded aircraft into X-Plane and still end up with the default UAL 747 when you attempt to load the new plane, it may indicate that the installed aircraft was created by it's author in a later version of X-Plane to the one you currently use. Example. I run X-Plane V8.06 and I install a MiG-29 that was created in V8.20. I fire up the sim and select the MiG from the list. You'll see the 747 on the runway, not the MiG. Frustrating isn't it? Make sure you check the version is right before you download. Hope this helps. PS. At least you can fire any weapon from any aircraft in X-Plane. You can fire a single round, launch a missile (from the ground or air) or drop a freefalling 50 Megaton H-bomb... What is the point of military aircraft in FS2004 if you can't use them to deliver the goods? :diablo:
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X-Plane isn't as user friendly as MSFS but it's worth perservering. The flight model is far superior. X-Plane makes no registry entries at all. If you've downloaded an aircraft then simply pop that aircrafts folder into the X-System\Aircraft folder and it'll be there on the list of choices. Top tip: If x-plane goes screwy on you with joystick axes or whatever, simply delete the .prf files from the preferences folder and she'll start back up as new. There's a lot you can do with x-plane, and it's well worth joining the x-plane-tech list as advertised at Roy.