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Hi, I have a little problem with my IFDG A320. It just seems to be this one repaint for MYT (other IFDG A320's work fine) but it is very sluggish when climbing. At about 2000 ft/min its losing airspeed so I have to climb at a ridiculous 1000 ft/min and when you are climbing to FL350 that is no good. Is there a way I could tweak to Aircraft CFG file to make it better? :confused: AJ
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Why not considering adjusting the payload and fuel of the aircraft? It seems that any aircraft you load is full of passengers/cargo and has 100% fuel. Chances are, your flight wouldn't really be full and you wouldn't really need full fuel tanks to get you to your destination. Also completely the climb gradually. Climb to an altitude that you can get to without trouble, level out and speed up a bit and then start the climb again.